Marley is a lovable, attractive guy, with the biggest head! He may look like a grump, but he is incredibly cute. We enjoy his company and so did Colton R from Sayre High school. This is what he has to say about our adorable Marley. Bob Marley was a pretty chill guy, right? I guess it just comes with the name. Like Bob, you can usually find me vibing all around the sanctuary just feelin' chill. ...
Elvira is a super wonderful girl who just like to fly under the radar. When it's time for cuddles, she is all there, ready to go. She is so laid back in fact, that she doesn't even mind when the other cats headbutt their way into her food! Certainly not the Mistress of the Dark, Elvira is the loveliest lady looking for a loving home!
Compared to his television counterpart, Loki has all the mischief but none of the menace. This god of tricks just wants to trick you into giving up some treats. Loki loves exploring and seeing everything there is to see, but he's also very patient. He is very calm, and doesn't mind being carried about once in a while. You might say he's just a low-key kinda guy. A fun loving boy, with a nice pe...
Always look on the bright side of life with this amazing fellow by your side. Montehugh is a crime fighting legend and would love to protect you from harm's way. Saving the world is just his day job, loving you is his forever purpose. Come meet Montehugh today.
ALOHOMORA! She just opened the lock to your heart and now you just have to adopt her. This little lady is more powerful than she initially seems because she has the powers of cuteness, snuggliness, and lovableness. She is just pure magic. Come meet her today!
Wingardium is 1 magical guy. His namesake is from 1 of the most popular spells, Wingardium Leviosa, in 1 of the most influential series in history, Harry Potter. With this little guy by your side you will surely soar into a happily ever after that will last more than seven books, but rather a lifetime.
Prepare to be amazed, astounded, astonished, dumbfounded and everything in between. Some may even say you'll be STUPEFYed! This little guy may have a small body, but he has a big heart. Come meet him today!
Have you ever wanted to have magical powers? Have you ever wanted to go to Hogwarts? Have you ever wanted the best cat in the world? Well, with Leviosa you can have all of the above. This cute girl's adoption would love to be a spell that lasts eternity. Come meet Leviosa today!
Adopt Vega a Calico or Dilute Calico Domestic Short hair cat in East Smithfield, PA (25915514)
L. Green from Sayre high school spent a little time with Mink. We think what he has to say about her is right on the nose! "Let me give you love! Mink would love to spend time with you. Curling up onto your lap and giving you kisses is what she loves to do, but don't expect her to do it for free! She demands you give her pets as long as she gives you kisses. Mink is also open to having her pict...
Will you be the Yin to Cristina's Yang? This girl is intelligent, dignified, and knows what she wants and she wants you. Come meet this beautiful lady today and meet your other half.
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The most bittersweet process of caring for Olivia has come. She is officially ready for adoption! Olivia is an eight week (approx) old Domestic shorthaired kitten we found and cared for. She has been to the vets and is negative for feline lukemia (meaning she can be with other negative cats!) She has been dewormed, and has had her 1st vaccination for distemper. She has been introduced to full g...
Adopt Cookie a White Domestic Mediumhair / Domestic Short hair / Mixed cat in Elmira, NY (25892564) spayed/neutered
Adopt George O'malley a Tortoiseshell Domestic Long hair cat in East Smithfield, PA (25890647)
Adopt Meredith Grey a Tortoiseshell Domestic Short hair cat in East Smithfield, PA (25890646)
Adopt Calliope Torres a Tortoiseshell Domestic Short hair cat in East Smithfield, PA (25890644)